Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities (LAU) published the first issue of its journal LAU Bulletin in 2013. In the three years between 2013 and 2016, the journal presented research results in different areas of knowledge: philosophy, culturology, sociology, law, economics, psychology, literature, history, pedagogy, political sciences, and informatics. 

In 2016, following the requirements for peer-reviewed publications in the list of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), the editorial board decided to keep three main fields: economic, legal and philosophical sciences, which correspond to major headings of the journal.   

The publication’s goal is to establish a fully-fledged platform that can provide the Russian academic community and learners of all levels (graduates, masters and bachelors) with the results of an in-depth theoretical and empirical analysis addressing challenges of present-day humanistic social knowledge.

Frequency of issuance – quarterly 

The editorial board builds its policy on the principle of scientific pluralism: the stance of the journal’s authors does not necessarily reflect the views of the Board. Its members strive to be in line with the criteria of scientific rigour. All materials go through a double-blind review. The reviewers the journal attracts are experts in corresponding areas. Strict selection of papers guarantees scientific value, novelty, and relevance of materials published in the publication’. The journal grants the priority to works reporting the research results. The participation of bright, promising scientists – graduates and masters – is of special attention. 

The language of the journal is  Russian.

The journal is in the database of the Russian Index of Academic Citation (RINTS). For authors, there is no charge for publication in the LAU Bulletin.