Requirements for the format and procedure for submitting manuscripts to

the journal the “Bulletin of Liberal Arts University – University for Humanities” (LAU Bulletin)

The Bulletin is in the database of the Russian Science Citation Index (license agreement No. 136-03/2014). The journal is placed in the RSCI on the site of the Scientific Electronic Library article by article (full texts are in open access).

The journal accepts for publication scholarly theoretical, methodological, and empirical papers focusing on the following fields:

  • Economy
  • Law
  • Philosophy

The editors primarily accept papers that have not been published before. If the paper is written based on some research (for example, a dissertation), it should be mentioned in author note.

Requirements for paper format

  • Text Editor Microsoft Word 2003–2007,12-point Times New Roman,

1.5 line spacing, paragraph intent – 0,7 cm from the left margin;

margins: top, bottom – 2 cm, left, right – 3 cm.

  • The volume of th manuscript is up to 40000 characters (with spaces including footnotes).
  • References to cited works must appear in square brackets indicating the number of the source in the reference list and a corresponding page, for example, [2, с. 15]), the reference list is at the end of the manuscript..
  • Tables should be in created in the Word format. The tables should be numbered and their titles should appear above appear the table body.
  • Only black and white illustrations are accepted.
  • The manuscript should have the UDC code.
  • The following manuscript details should be given in Russian and English:
    • The title of the article;
    • The author (s) details:
      • full name (a surname, a name anda patronymic);
      • a scientific degree, an academic status,, a position,
      • affiliation (place of work) – full name of the organization;
      • contact information: email address (please notify if you agree to publish it), telephone;
      • abstract (150–250 words);
      • keywords (5–6 words or word combinations).

All materials accepted for publication are peer-reviewed. Submitted papers will undergo a Plagiarism check via the Anti-Plagiarism system. The originality of the manuscript should be more than 70 %. The author can provide a review of the specialist in the field of knowledge (Dr. Sci. or Cand. Sci.), which does not exclude an additional review. Master’s and post-graduate students should present a comment (recommendation, review) from a scientific supervisor or major-related department.

The comments must be certified with the signature and seal of the organization and submitted to the editorial office (in person or a scanned version by e-mail).

The journal accepts manuscripts that are subject to open access. The author (s) must agree in writing to the publication of papers in the open access (on the journal’s website, in the RSCI system and other databases), indicating the agreement (I agree to the publication of materials in the open access) in the letter or at the end of the article text.

Papers containing links to materials published in the “Bulletin of Liberal Arts University –University for Humanities” (LAU Bulletin) are welcome.

The publication of the manuscripts is free of charge. The royalties are not paid.

Papers should be sent to the editorial board address [email protected] with the subject line including “LAU Bulletin, area of science”, for example “LAU Bulletin, Economics”. In case of successful comments, the editorial board sends the author a response about the acceptance of the manuscript for publication in a certain issue of the journal.

The editorial board reserves the right not to publish the article or recommend its revision in the light of comments. In case of rejection of the article, the author is informed in writing about the reasons for the refusal. Materials submitted to the editorial office are not returned.

The frequency of the publication: 4 issues per year.

Deadlines for submitting materials for publication:

  • No. 1-until January 1
  • No. 2-until April 15
  • No. 3-until Jule 15
  • No. 4-until October 15

The editorial office address: Yekaterinburg, ul. Zhelezodorozhnikov, d. 3, office 207,

tel. (343) 365-99-73.