The Procedure for Reviewing Manuscripts Submitted to the Editorial Office of the Journal “The LAU Bulletin”

All submitted materials are subject to mandatory double-blind review. The reviewers are recognized experts in the field of peer-reviewed material and have published articles within the subject matter of the peer-reviewed article for the past three years.

Before submitting the manuscript for publication, make sure that you have followed all ethical standards and rules for submitting manuscripts for publication. The editorial board will return the manuscripts that do not comply with the requirements with appropriate notification.

The authors can send their manuscripts online (electronic address of the journal or at our email address: [email protected] with the subject line including ‘The LAU Bulletin, area of knowledge’. The handling editor examines the articles for compliance with the profile and formal requirements of the publication. If the paper is not appropriate to the journal, the editor rejects the manuscript and sends the author a notification. All manuscripts that meet the formal requirements are subject to review. The editors are responsible for the professional competence of the reviewers. The review procedure is anonymous to both the author and the reviewer. 

The time for reviewing by editors and experts varies due to the volume of the manuscript. The experts submit their review to the journal with recommendations to accept or reject it with a revision request. In case of the manuscript rejection, the handling editor includes constructive comments of the reviewer or a reasoned refusal in his letter to the author. If the handling editor accepts the material, the author should send back two files: the improved article and answers to the experts’ comments. 

The term for the reviews storage in the archive is five years. The editorial board assumes the obligation to channel copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of the relevant request. After the recommended amendments and the agreement on the final version of the text, the article is subject to proofreading (for the Russian text and all English-speaking components). Once completed, the manuscript may be published in a future issue of the journal. 

The editorial board of the journal